Aashish Kushwaha Is A Full-Time Blogger. He Is The Founder & Author Of Itihaaspedia.info & Digital.Akblogger.com

I belong to Nanhera village in the Ambala district of Haryana. I have knowledge of electrical as well as blogging. I learned electrical work from my father.

If we talk about blogging, then I was sad to increase something since childhood. I belong to a middle family.

I wanted to do something so that I can earn a good income sitting at home, and I can illuminate the name of my parents.

One day I was searching how to earn money online the internet, and only then did I come to know about blogging by which we can earn lakhs of rupees a month sitting at home. Since then I decided to do the same thing.

After that, I made many blogs in which I did not get success because blogging was not like that as I understood. but I didn’t give up, Then I started knowing about SEO and keyword-related information from blogging.

Then I made a website itihaaspedia.info before AkBlogger.com, from which I greatly improved my writing skills. itihaaspedia.info is a free website

I have started this website AkBlogger.com. In which I am going to share with you all the information related to blogging. If you are interested in learning blogging and want to get a good income sitting at home then you can follow us.

“I will share with you all the information related to blogging on this blog.”

— Founder & Author

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Itihaaspedia Defination

This is a Multi Nish website that I started in the last year of 2020. Due to a lack of complete knowledge of blogging, I started putting articles in different categories on this blog, which I had knowledge of, due to which itihaaspedia became a multi-site.
At ithaaspedia.info we keep publishing posts on daily basis on different categories like how to earn money online, affiliate marketing, SEO, biography, history, and other categories

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Follow us if you are interested in learning blogging, Best of Luck!